Photography Challenge: Something Green

RocktheShotMarchSomethingGreenNever, ever, EVER have I had such a hard time deciding on a photo for a photo challenge!  I wasn’t even planning on entering this month’s challenge because I didn’t already have a photo to fit the theme, and I had zero ideas whatsoever.

Then, I saw the green desk in this photo, and it was like the heavens parted and light poured down upon it.  I knew.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my photo.

The desk itself belongs to my friend Shana and is one of the gorgeous pieces she has refinished herself.  While at her house to do a session for her and her husband, I happened to look over into her library and saw the little beauty, waiting patiently for me to notice it and have my creative vision.

I had originally planned on taking a photo of my oldest son, Gavin, seated at the desk, drawing a picture.  However, I chose to use Finley for this photo because I wanted the photo to be more than a posed photo for me.  You see, Finley was diagnosed with autism last week (which you can read about on my personal blog here), and one of the activities that he gets fixated on at times is drawing.  The boy LOVES to draw, and I knew that a photo of Gavin drawing would be cute, but Gavin doesn’t love to draw like Finley does.  Instead, a photo of Finley drawing would mean something.  It wouldn’t be simply a posed photo I used for a photo challenge.  It would be a photo that showed my Finley completely in his element.  I got that photo, and I love it just as much as imagined I would.

…Which leads me to the third part of my story.

Once I got all the photos I wanted, I started to pack up my stuff.  I knew I had some good shots, and I was excited to get home to check them out on my computer.  I put Finley’s coloring materials away and got him out of the chair.  I turned around to get my camera bag when I heard him say, “Ooooooooh!”  When I turned back around, I caught the moment in the photo I submitted for this month’s challenge.  Finley looked so sweet as he stared out the window, and, luckily, I still had my camera in my hand.  This was literally the last photo I snapped before I packed up my gear, and I knew when I took it that it was going to be as priceless to me as the one of him coloring.

In the course of going through the rest of the photos, I found yet another photo that stole my heart.  For the last 24 hours, I feel like I have asked all of my friends which of the three photos they would choose.  Guess what?  The votes were completely even.  There was no clear cut winner.  So, I finally went with this photo, primarily because it was the one my husband loved most, and it keeps tugging at my heart as well.

Win or lose, I got a photo that I will forever hold close to my heart.  I hope he is always as full of wonder as he was in that moment, and I wish I could forever keep him so small and protect him from the world outside that window.    I will post the other photos later and let you decide which you would have submitted.

In the meantime, head over to and check out all of this month’s amazing entries.  Love the editing I did?  Check out MCP Actions.  Everything I did to this photo involved actions from their Inspire set!

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