Gal Pal Sessions

I worked on my special project again today, and as I edited a photo for it, I was hit pretty hard with a realization.

I have tons of photos of my kids.  I have some really awesome ones of my husband.  And I have plenty of great photos WITH my kids and my husband.  You know what I DON’T have?  I don’t have any professional-grade photos with my best friends.

Elizabeth & Me….Ten years ago!

When we were younger and had much more carefree lives, one of my best friends, Elizabeth, and I would snap photos together all the time.  Most of them are selfies, although they were taken several years before that particular term was coined.  I love our photos together, but somewhere along the line, we stopped taking them.  Maybe it was because our times together were not nearly as exciting, once my two boys came along.  We stopped attending concerts every weekend because my rocking husband stopped playing in them.  We stopped going on vacation together because I stopped taking vacations as often.  And somewhere along the line, I guess I started thinking that photos of what our friendship is really like these days just wouldn’t be that impressive.

But they would be real.

So, what would a photo that truly reflected our friendship look like, if I could take one myself?  It would be taken in my living room, and we would probably both be wearing sweatpants.  You would see Elizabeth in the corner of my sectional couch with the blanket that has the least pet hair on it wrapped around her, because she always thinks my house is cold.  Chances are pretty good that one of my cats would be in her lap, because they seem to sense that she doesn’t really love cats all that much, and there would be paper plates with the remnants of Pizza Hut pizza and breadsticks on the coffee table.  I would be on the end of the couch with a blanket wrapped around me too, because my house really IS too cold most of the time.  And one of two things would probably be taking place–we would either be laughing, or we would be crying.

In the last few years, I have taken a few grainy photos with Elizabeth with my phone and a couple of decent photos with my camera.  But I realized something today, when I took this photo of Shana and her best friend, Candy:


We make sure we book photographers to document milestones or take photos for our Christmas cards.  But our friends are part of our families too.  MY friends are part of MY family.  Elizabeth is just one of them.  There are others who mean the world to me too.  Some are old friends I have known for the majority of my life, while others are new friends that my soul has recognized as kindred spirits.  However, they are ALL family.  And let’s be honest…every gal needs a great photo with her best friend.

If you want great photos with your best friend, contact me.  I’m offering a little deal for the month of March for gal pal photos.  I will come to your home or your favorite hangout spot and take photos of the two of you (or up to five of you) laughing…crying…gossiping…drinking coffee…eating cupcakes…watching chick flicks….getting your nails done…shopping…cooking…whatever it is that you love to do together and shows what your friendship is really like.

Interested?  Contact me via my Facebook page or through the contact form on the blog, and I will give you all the details.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


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