Almost exactly one year ago, an adorable little gal named London entered this world.  However, the story of how I came to know and love London began a little over 18 years ago when I first met her amazing mama, Laura.  Laura has been one of my best and most precious friends since we first met in seventh grade, and my recent move to a new school district placed me in a classroom right next door to hers and teaching the same subject.  I can never fully explain how grateful I have always been for Laura’s friendship and how grateful I have come to be for her help as I adjust to a new (well, second-time new) school with a new and completely different curriculum.

Laura was the first person to ask me to take photos for her, a little OVER a year ago when she was pregnant with London.  I have come a long way in my photography since then, and I am so excited to share London’s first birthday photos with you.  These photos are some of my new favorites.  London’s gorgeous room provided the perfect colors for these soft and sweet photos, and London might be one of the most adorable little girls in the world.  Of course, I am a little partial.  🙂

Thanks to MCP Actions and the Inspire set of Photoshop actions for helping me create such gorgeous photos.  All the photos you see here (with the exception of one black and white one) were edited using those actions, and MCP has even shared one of the photos on their Facebook page and Show and Tell website (click on the link to see it!).

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

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