Rachel, Travis, & Taylor

I met Rachel a few years ago when she first started teaching in the same district I was working in at the time.  Since we both lived around 40+ miles from work, we tried to car pool as often as possible, which was really only on Fridays since Rachel had to drive back and forth between the middle and high schools for her position.  I always loved having someone to talk to on the way to and from work on those days, and the little songs she made up to sing on Fridays were always pretty hilarious.  I miss seeing Rachel on an almost daily basis, so I was really happy to spend some time with her adorable little family for these photos.  We shot them inside their home, and the red wall in the kitchen proved perfect for Valentine’s photos of Taylor, and the decal over Taylor’s Star Wars themed crib was also perfect for a shot with his daddy!  I’m hoping that the next time I do photos for Rachel’s family, the sun is shining so we get a little more natural light in the house! 🙂

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