Mati is 1!

Over the summer, a sweet gal named Kate e-mailed me to inquire about family photos.  I didn’t know Kate.; we had never met before, but she had seen some photos I had done for a mutual friend of ours and liked my work.  In June, I got to meet Kate’s sweet family when I took their photos, and they were so down-to-earth, kind, and fun that they became favorites pretty quickly.

Kate just solidified that when she invited my entire family to accompany me to her home a couple of hours away to take photos for her youngest son’s first birthday.  One-year-olds are some of my favorites to photograph, and Mati might be one of the cutest little guys ever, so we loaded up and headed their way.  Kate’s other son, Maks, is close to Gavin’s age, and the two of them had so much fun playing together that Gavin now asks–almost daily–to go play with Maks again.  Even though we brought a stomach bug home with us (which I joke about, although I know Kate feels terrible–and shouldn’t), we are excited to go visit them again sometime soon, just for fun.

We were hoping for some outside shots, but when the temperature is barely above freezing, that usually isn’t a good idea.  And although Mati was not a fan of the smash cake (who wants cake when there are kids playing with toys upstairs???), the fact that he was not a fan of the smash cake resulted in one of my favorite photos that I have taken, to date.

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