MCP Photo a Day & Paint the Moon Let’s Do 52 Updates!

If you read my post earlier this week, you know that I am participating in three different photo challenges this year.  My photo for this week for the Paint the Moon “This Is Our Life” challenge was featured in my last post, and is one of my favorite photos to date.  In the other weekly challenge from Paint the Moon, the theme this week was “Mismatched.”  I thought the following photo was perfect, since Finley’s signature look these days seems to be one sock, the partner of which we usually cannot find, so we grab another relatively similar sock to replace it.  This is especially amusing when he is wearing his socks with days of the week printed on them.


For my daily challenge from MCP, I did the following photos.  As always, each of the photos for this particular challenge was edited using actions from  Hover over each photo to see what the theme was that day.

I’m working on a post about lifestyle photography and dramatic lighting, so check back soon.   I won’t go into details now, but the photos I finished editing today made me realize that I have truly found the heart and soul of my passion for photography.

I also have my first session of the new year scheduled for tomorrow, so I will have even MORE cuteness to post!

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