This Is Our Life: Week Two

I’m working on a post with all my photos from all three photo challenges this week (just wait until you see the photo for the daily challenge with the theme of accessorize!), but I wanted to go ahead and share this particular photo, which was for the “This Is Our Life” challenge from Paint the Moon (  This week’s theme is “Surprise,” and this is Gavin, checking out the snow we got (and weren’t really expecting) while he was sleeping.

Shadows, Light, & Snow

Photos like this one are the reason I wanted a new camera.  I have always LOVED photos with dramatic lighting, but I could never recreate that type of effect with my old camera due to its low noise tolerance.  The last few days, I have done some reading on how to achieve this type of effect, and this morning I decided to practice a little.  I fell in love.  Be prepared to see more photos with dramatic lighting on my blog in the future!

I also practiced my lifestyle photography techniques on my kiddos this morning (full-fledged lifestyle, not the casual portraiture type of photography I do now), and some of the photos I took will be favorites for many years to come.  I can’t wait to share them with you!

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